Take an object, do something to it, do something else to it... in a basic pallet of black, rust, sheet metal and found objects and materials. Oil, encaustic, burning, assemblage, and mixed media. Welcome to my website and over 20 years of my work.

I was born in Middleton, Nova Scotia; grew up in Kingston, Trenton, Ottawa, and Toronto, ON. I first fell in love with colour as a child while melting wax crayons on a hot external duct of a nearby apartment building and watching the colours run...
Later I attended Ontario College of Art (now OCAD). Currently residing in Ottawa, ON. Who knew that wax crayons later would lead me to learn oil and encaustic painting, scavenge old wood, doors and windows, and work with old corrugated metal, barn-board, and used books.

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A note about the data; some artworks are dated approximately - example all the sculptures are dated Jan 1, 1985 or Jan 1, 1986. Also, any work dated the 15th of a month - this is done if the artwork only has month/year inscribed on it. Some other dates are similarly approximate. Works in general where possible are dated from the day they are completed.