sloping cone (nomad) (view 2) sloping cone (nomad) (view 1)untitled cone (view 1)untitled cone (view 2)untitled cylinder (view 1)untitled cylinder (view 2)untitled pyramid (view 1)untitled pyramid (view 2) untitled staircase (view 3)untitled tall staircase, earth colours (view 1)untitled staircase, earth colours (view 2) untitled staircase, silver, blue, copper (view 1)untitled staircase, silver, blue, copper (view 2)ochre pyramid (view 1) ochre pyramid (view 2) untitled staircase, black and white (view 1)untitled staircase, black and white (view 2)first untitled pyramid with speaker (view 1)first untitled pyramid (view 2)
Sculptures 1985-1986